Opened recruitment
for Cata raiding
1 Enhancement Shaman
1 Retri paladin
1 Shadow priest
1 Feral bear druid
1 Unholy/Frost Night Ridder
1 Arms/Fury warrior
1 summon portal warlock
Backstabber rogue
A bringer of cookies mage
1 pew pew hunter
Cataclysm got suspended
posted on 06-01-2012
Ravens decided to go raid like maniacs again and started 3 10 man raid groups for the last patch of Cataclysm.

After some weeks of hard work and dedication one of our groups did it and defeated Death Wing, well seeing the name, he kinda had it coming. It was a short night of raiding when he died but I am sure it certainly didn't feel less rewarding.

Congratz to all the people that were there in the raid and gogo start to kill some heroic bosses already :p

Here's some low ress proof of the deed and the people part of the kill :

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